• Wp 5813

    Dear ‘Name Changer’

    Dear Ms Martini Should I change my surname after we are married? I wasn’t sure I really wanted to but my partner wants me to and is being qui...

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  • Dear Ms Martini Our Fur Baby Image By Alli Oughtred

    Dear ‘Our Fur Baby’

    Dear Ms Martini I want our dog to be a part of our wedding so bad, he is the light of our life but my fiancé won’t have a bar of it because Fido is...

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  • Dear Ms Martini No Neighbours Image by Warren Photography

    Dear ‘No Neighbours’

    Dear Ms Martini My father in law wants to invite his three neighbours to our wedding, I have met them in passing once each, how do I tell my FIL th...

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  • Dear Ms Martini Doesn't Care Image By Warrenphotography

    Dear ‘Doesn’t Care’

    Dear Ms Martini My hubby-to-be doesn’t seem that interested in the organisation and prep for our wedding, I feel like I am doing everything and mak...

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