• A Celebrant Word Sharon The Celebrant Fun Funny Melbourne Marriage Celebrant Ceremony Marriage Celebrant Image By Its Beautiful Here

    A Celebrants Word or Two

    By Sharon Palmieri Leading up to your big mushy loved up day The chances are you are going to have a least one out of body meltdown experience lead...

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  • kids way martini-bride-image-by-warren-photography

    Kids-Their Way or the Hwy!

    Kids  way or the Hwy, so expect the unexpected! Part 1 It’s ceremony time and you have the most perfect entrance to your ceremony pictured...

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  • No Phones image by Free The Bird

    Phone or NOT to Phone!

    “No Phones” and this is why. At the very least, walking down the aisle bit! As a marriage Celebrant, I come across this situation week after week, ...

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