Hey there and welcome to Martini Bride, an online wedding directory a showcasing the best Melbourne has to offer in the wedding and event business along with our new addition of our online wedding gift shop.

Martini Bride is about showing off extraordinary talent, recommending that talent and helping you to find your perfect A Team, with so many  gorgeous suppliers to choose from that A Team will be super easy to create all by yourself.

Sharon – The Business Woman

I have been told too many times to admit, that I have this incredible ability to bring people together and guess what Martini Bride is all about that very thing? Bringing people together.

Having Melbourne running through my veins it made sense to focus on our capital city as a starting point, the talent and creatives we have in our “most liveable city” is mind blowing, I know, because this is also me  Sharon the Celebrant and a chatty chirpy one at that, I have met, worked with, admired, aspired to and developed many friendships along the way, being so passionate about this industry, I was like a sponge, taking in absolutely everything and everyone.

My celebrant career advanced rather quickly, when meeting my very own couples I had a plethora of talented wedding industry folk to recommend to them, which was very welcomed as it is a minefield out there, with many taking up those offers, sending them in the direction that suited their personalities.

I thought I really need to share my knowledge, contacts, funny and not so funny stories not only with my couples but with THE WORLD!

Da Dahhhh! Martini Bride was born and a passion stirred in me I hadn’t felt so strongly since deciding to become a Marriage Celebrant.

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Sharon The Celebrant 

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Sharon The Bride

I recently married, see it HERE, a wee ferry ride over from Auckland, New Zealand, to a stunning island called Waiheke we did go, sadly, at that time, my very own country would not allow us to marry here legally, which was really important to us. I didn’t want to be a “saggy, everything dropping south” kind of bride so time was running against me. I knew I wanted to marry Eleni within 6 months of dating, six years later I didn’t want to wait any longer for our government to decide if I could marry or not.

Needless to say every wedding supplier you connect with on Martini Bride is for marriage equality, because let’s face it they have to go through me, the gate keeper, to be a part of what I believe to be an amazing directory, you will never have to say “we are same sex is that ok?” in fact Martini Bride is all about equality in general, meaning no discrimination on colour, religion or gender.

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Sharon The Podcaster/Vogcaster

Got together with my little Photographer buddy Warrenphotography and thought it was time to spread the joy aka our opinion on all things wedding. You can check it out on Youtube or Spotify or iTunes

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