Cam Grove

Cam Grove loves what he does and believes he works amongst loving souls on the best day of their lives, and from the beginning of that day, until it’s all too soon end, he watches. He records. He documents…

…the laughter and tears, the excitement and anxiety, the immeasurable strength and incredible vulnerability ; every imaginable facet of the human experience, Cam commits to memory, and while each element of a wedding is given its due importance, what drives Cam most, is capturing those transient moments which might otherwise be lost into the ether.

A bride searching for the right words, just minutes before leaving for the church… A father looking at his daughter in her dress for the first time and immediately falling apart… A small child’s eyes, widened at the majesty of it all.

“I love what I do. I provide clients with memories that they didn’t know they had. It’s gold.” Cam

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