Ella Palij

Ella Palij married her two loves of documentary and fine art photography when she started shooting love parties at the beginning of 2017.  She hasn’t looked back.

Her goal is to work around her couples to make sure they are feeling relaxed and present in their wonderful celebration of love – it’s why you’re there after all. Ella aims to shoot the small, quiet moments as well as the big, exciting ones.

She cares deeply about the incredible journey of a relationship and the lasting bond that a marriage signifies.

To be able to provide couples with memories that look as good as their wedding day, is an absolute honour!

Having spent almost each waking second with a camera in hand from the age of 10, studying photography in Melbourne was an obvious choice!

“Outside of weddings, I enjoy shooting on film, black coffee in the morning and beer in the evening, the Beatles (maybe a little too much), and explaining over and over that the “j” in my surname is silent for “just to confuse you!”  Ella

Ella Palij Melbourne Wedding Photographer

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