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Franco Jewellers, pride themselves on every piece of Jewellery, bespoke to your personal desires, budget and passion to something truly special: for a milestone, a loved one, or for yourself.

This Family business is recognised as the best in Melbourne, delivering consistent and exceptional customer service  from the second you walk through their front door.

You will have the personalised experience of passionate professionals, helping you to select the perfect piece of jewellery suiting YOUR needs, one that will hold its value for generations to come.

All of Franco’s collections reflect superior craftsmanship and a commitment to quality.

Their jewellery consultants will sit with you and discuss everything from personal preference, designs and diamond qualities to suit your budget.

Engagement rings are an expensive investment, so we know that you will have a lot of questions.

The exchange of wedding rings between the bride/bride, groom/groom and bride and groom form an integral portion of the ceremony and your commit shows the world that you have been found.

Wedding rings for both men and women can be plain bands, or they can be more ornate with jewels or added embellishments the design is entirely up to you.

Franco Jewellers have a wide range of wedding rings available for both men and women.

Franco Jewellers are the wedding ring Jeweller, offering inspiration, ideas and quality along with exception customer service.

Franco Jewellers Melbourne Wedding Band

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