Gold and Grit

Gold and Grit is all about capturing all things real, relaxed & rad.

Gold and Grit is run by Stina, a Swede who got fed up with snowy winters and moved to Melbourne for the warmth. Ha! Someone should have told her about Melbourne winters. She spends her days capturing the epic, silly and amazing love of rad couples at their kick ass weddings.

It’s all about natural, unstaged moments, because laughs are better when they start in your belly, not forced on your face. Your wedding day should be a celebration of love, family and friends, and not feel like a photoshoot. So you do your thing while she documents the moments that just happen. Like that inside joke giggles with your bestie, your hugs with your mum, cheeky play with the nephew and secret hand holdings with your new spouse under the table. Stina is also a sucker for (environmentally friendly!) confetti, smoke bombs and a bit of quirk thrown in, because, well, it’s freaking fun!

Things Stina likes in no particular order: alpacas (she’s contemplating getting an alpaca tattoo), books (especially Haruki Murakami), hoppy ales and nettle tasting sauvignon blancs, puns, sunshine (unless she’s photographing, then clouds all the way!), dogs (seriously though, she loves all furry animals unconditionally), and crappy action movies.

Gold And Grit Melbourne Wedding Photographer

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