Sally Hughes

Sally Hughes is the experienced Celebrant you are looking for, who knows how to engage a crowd?  Someone who knows how to make a room erupt with laughter through a clever one liner, then have guests reaching for their tissues only moments later?  Then Sally Hughes is your Celebrant!  

Sally’s quick-witted and creative, known for presenting immersive ceremonies with confidence, humour and warmth as much as she is for her impeccable organisation skills and her stylish appearance.  Her background in theatre performance means that not only does she understand how to read a crowd and ad-lib when the opportunity presents, she also knows how to stage ceremonies.  She’ll position you and your wedding crew in a way that best suits your space and the decor around you (because she knows how important photos are and poorly positioned wedding parties are a pet hate of hers). She’ll ensure that guest seating is properly placed, she’ll ensure your aisle is wide enough, she’ll liaise with suppliers, she’ll pin flowers, she’ll chat to Gran, and importantly, her pre-ceremony wedding crew pep talk will leave you and your attendants feeling confident and excited about the celebration ahead. 

Spend five minutes with Sally and you’ll understand exactly why she’s one of the most popular and most awarded Celebrants in town.  


Sally Hughes Melbourne Celebrant Wedding Ceremonies By Glen Mcculloch

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