Melbourne wedding photographer extraordinaire, John of Warrenphotography, never ceases to amaze us all, not only is he a good egg and his photography is brilliant.

John is the creative brain behind Warren Photography, he lives to capture emotions and reactions like no one else, whether they be happy, emotional or all the tom foolery behind the scenes, consider them caught.

He doesn’t have the #momentguy hashtag for nothing!

John is great at injecting fun, and quickly makes it feel like your best mate just happens to be taking photos. He understands emotion and is brilliant at capturing a tear rolling down your Nan’s cheek or your Dad’s last hug as he hands over his precious cargo.

When it comes to post ceremony time, he will not hesitate to give you a shot of the alcoholic beverage kind, to fire you and your bridal party all up, there is no resting.

“I’ve had enough ordinary jobs to know when I’ve got it good….. and boy do I have it good” John

Warren Photography Melbourne Photograper Wedding Destination 002

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