Zena Lythgo

This is Zena recovering milo addict, cat lady, hula hooper and podcast junkie. She is a sucker for a cause and has a penchant for getting euphoric and saying ‘these are the moments’.

Zena believes her role as a celebrant is to give you a great experience from start to finish. She likes to make the process of planning your ceremony as collaborative as possible, that way it’ll be the truest representation of the two of you.

Connecting with people, hearing your stories and supporting you to share your stories with your loved ones truly is the biggest honour and a whole lot of fun!

A winning wedding ceremony is an honest reflection of who you are day to day. It allows everyone to have a few laughs (with you, not at you), and is an engaging and heartfelt experience that your guests feel a part of! It raises the energy in the room and leaves everyone feeling privileged to have been invited in to that moment with you.

It is a chance to reflect on what brought you to this place, and where you want to go together in the future, it shouldn’t feel like work, it should be fun, a little revealing and very insightful.

With Zena by your side, your wedding will be – fun and easy, calm and authentic, organised and individual so if this sounds like the way you’d like to collaborate, then get in touch with Zena she looks forward to connecting with you.

Go check out one of Zena’s weddings here

Zena Lythgo Melbourne Marriage Celebrant Image By Daniel Brannan Photography Emu Bottom

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